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    DP67bg memory boot problem-doesn't seem to like more than 2gb RAM?



      Ongoing saga with this board.

      We have: i5 2nd & 3rd CPUs, 8gb 1333 RAM in 4x2gb (comprising 2 different makes) and 8gb 1600 RAM  2x4gb (CORSAIR CML8GX3M2A1600C9W).  Both sets of RAM work fine in Build A on a used  DP67bg 3rd gen i5, but not on Build B, with a new-old-stock DP67bg 2nd gen i5.


      Build B will work with a 2gb stick singly in any of the slots.  If more than 1 sticks are used in any of the channels, starting with the blue slots, it won't boots, gets a little way shuts down & reboots in an endless loop.  So I took the Corsair 4gb RAM from Build A (working) and put it in Build B. Same problem.  Tried just one 4gb stick in slot 1 - same problem.  Tested the 4x2 8gb in Build A and it started fine.


      So, for some reason it won't boot with either more than 2gb or more than 1 stick RAM.  Can anyone help with why this might be? And is there a solution?