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    Dual Core or Quad Core?!


      I have the choice between 2 CPU: Intel Dual Core 2 with 3,16GHz, 6Mb cache and 1333MHz or Intel Quad Core 2 with 2,66GHz, 6Mb and 1333MHz. I have an Asus P5QL Pro motherboard, 8GB or RAM 800MHz. I'm gonna use the PC for producing music in my studio. Wich one's the better?! More GHz or more cores?!



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          that would depend whether your music producing software is multithreaded.

          Check with the software designer.



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            Yes it is

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              then if the program can make use of 4 simultaneous threads, it will get more work done with the quad core.



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                On this subject. What is better? Duel or Quad? It seems like Quads have lower numbers but have more processors?


                For myself, I play video games for one. Champions Online and City of Heroes.

                I also make my own comic books using screen shots of these and other games. So what I need to do is be able to run multiple games at the same time.

                I need to run 2 to 3 versions of City of Heroes at the same time. I hope to be able to run 2 version of Champions Online but I don't really use it for comics right now but for playing so that isn't a must but I am looking to the future and may start.


                The 2 to 3 City of Heroes clients are though. I need to be able to run them all at the same time while talking multiple screen shots and demo files. Being able to keep them running while I browse my computer and sort through screen shots, figuring out changes and extras to add.


                I also need to be able to run a few other programs at the same time. I'd like to do all this without burning out my computer. Therefore since I wish to step up my comic making. I will also be running videos sometimes when doing this as I will be duel monitoring this.


                I am going to get a new computer and have a choice between several Duo and Quads.