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    Is the "initialize" in RST manager safe?



      I am running a two-HDD RAID1 on a HP workstation and have recently replaced one failed HDD.  After a long rebuilding process as indicated by the RST manager, the volume is still shown as "not initialized".  I had some bloody experience in the past with clicking the initialize and verify button that eventually resulted in data loss (they are not actually buttons, and there isn't really any warning before operations, which is extremely dangers and intel should improve it IMO).  Now the question comes to me: should I click "initial" again?  I have read people saying "initialize" would wipe out the data, which sounded very unreasonable to me, but if it were true, I would be fired after clicking it.


      What does it do for RAID1, after the volume has been rebuilt?  Does it reorganize the clusters so that the drives will be physically identical?  What does verify do then?  Some examining procedure?  The help documents aren't really helpful on these issues, especially at addressing the safety/danger level of these operations.


      Thanks for any idea and suggestion.


      - e