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    DN2800MT POST/BIOS Display on hdmi only when VGA cable attached/Jumper in Mode 2-3(Config mode)




      recently i bought a DN2800MT desktop board to build up a low power system.


      If i attach only hdmi cable onto the mainboard iam unable to view the POST/Bios screen, even pressing F2 to enter the BIOS wont show anything on display. Once having a VGA cable attached there is a parallel video output via HDMI cable so iam able to enter the BIOS in normal operation Mode (Jumper 1-2). Setting the Jumper to Config mode (2-3) makes post/bios working on an HDMI cable without VGA attached.


      So somehow HDMI-only works when BIOS is in "Failsafe" mode.


      The Bios Version used is current; i tried reflashing with the latest .bio file via 'F7 Method' but that simply reboots the system instead of reflashing.


      Also theres a setting in BIOS to change the second display mode to VGA/HDMI, but whatever i choose, the HDMI only displays POST/BIOS when VGA Cable is connected at same time/or Bios is in Config mode(Jumper setting 2-3).


      i would not care much as the board runs headless in every day use, anyway iam scared that i got a somehow faulty board.


      help would be much appreciated.