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    XP Install With 82801FR


      Have a Dell 8400 in perfect condition with an 82801FR RAID/AHCI controller, but needing a fresh install of Windows XP on a new drive. XP SP2 install went fine, but got BSOD pointing to disk/controller on actual XP startup. Researched and found issues with 82801FR needing drivers loaded via F6 at setup start, so tried it using both Dells recommended drivers and the latest drivers on the Intel website. This time, got BSOD as soon as setup went into Windows. The old drive still works fine and has the same iastor.sys driver installed as I had on my F6 floppy (but it's too small and Windows is corrupt). Eventually gave Vista a try, and it installed and ran fine, but that's not a good solution for me.


      Any ideas?