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    BOSD Intel RST 12.5 and Intel Rapid Start

    Blake Bryant

      Last night I was doing some driver updating, mainly going to Intel RST 12.5 and a few other changes.  One of them being setting up Intel Rapid Start on my system.  Everything went fine after one reboot I was able to sleep the system and wake it up with out issue.  Shortly there after though on the second reboot I received a BOSD error relating to "Knowndll verification failure".  Now I am stuck at this situation, I know I could probably reinstall windows after wiping the volumes but I really would like to avoid having to do that.  Below are a few more pieces of information about my system


      Windows 7 SP2 Professional edition

      Board: ROG Maximus GENE V

      CPU: Intel 3750k

      RAM: 16 gigs

      Drive setup:

           On Intel controller:  2x Intel 80gb SSD in a RAID 0 (windows boot drive), 1x  Patriot 60gb SSD

           Asmedia controller: 2x 2TB WD drives


      Currently the 2x Intels are in a RAID 0 with the rapid start partition on the Patriot 60 gig. 


      I have access to the raid drive with what seems like all the information is there and intact, chksdk reports no errors on the boot drive.  I can boot off a USB to bootable copy of windows xp and see all the files including the Windows directory.  The system currently does not see any restore points on the drive. 


      I would really like to avoid having to reinstall Windows on this system.  Is there anyway I could uninstall RST and Rapid Start just from getting access to the drive to see if I can boot with out those pieces in play.  I have tried using utilities to disable the Intel RST driver but it still results in the BOSD.  Are there any suggestions or getting the system booting again?

      Thank you,