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    a tricky overclock with dh55tc???


      hello everyone

      i am keenly interested in overclocking my dh55tc with i7860. since there is an extreme limitation in options regarding the overclock features of mobo i do not understand as to how should i overclock it.


      1 where should i change the vcore ,alter dram voltage,multipliers etc..


      2 any limitations on overclocking on this config???


      3 the best settings available for safe overclocking preferably to above 3.8ghz


      4 the power requirements after and before overclocking???


      5 things to be kept in mind while overclocking this config???


      6 why does PC does not respond when CPU is overclocked to 4ghz(probably 200mhz speed in overclock menu;standard speed-133MHz)???


      7 windows 7 crashes even after a minimum overclock,why???

      my pc specs:


      windows 7 64bit sp1

      i7 860

      dh55tc mobo

      600w 2.2 psu

      4 GB ddr3 (2+2)

      cooler master hyper 212 evo(2 120mm fans)

      asus 650ti boost

      wd blue 320 gb sata 2

      acer s201hl monitor

      lg multispeed dvd-rw optical drive

      standard atx cabinet-VIP(compact)


      thanking you...

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          Hello Afnan111


          Keep in mind that only Extreme Edition processors can be overclocked.

          The Intel® Core™ i7-860 Processor  is not an Extreme Edition, hence the processor is locked, which means it cannot be overclocked.

          Even though Intel makes unlocked and Extreme Series processors that are robust enough to handle customizations, Intel doesn't recommend over clocking any of their internal components (memory, video or CPU) and there is no warranty support for that practice.


          It is required to use the correct memory type when using our processors otherwise the warranty won't cover the product.