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    S2600CO fails to boot Linux after MegaRAID RS25DB080 failure

    Neil Walker

      I have an Intel RS25DB080 installed in a S2600CO running Linux kernel 3.2.1 on Ubuntu 11.10.  Installed in the system, I have a 6 drive RAID0 array running on a MegaRAID/RS25DB080.   If I temporarily disconnect a SATA cable to one of the drives in the RAID array, causing the state of the drive go to "Unconfigured (bad)" and then reboot the motherboard then Linux fails to boot, getting stuck in initframfs.


      Linux also fails to boot when I permanently disconnect one of the six drives.


      If I disconnect all of the cables to the RS25DB080, then Linux boots and I can reconfigure the RAID array.


      Is this the expected behavior?  Is there a way I can boot Linux while the RAID array is down?


      I am using version 06.505.02.00 of megaraid_sas.ko and I am using firmware build package 23.12.0-0013