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    DH61BE board, upgraded bios from from 0044 to 0099 and it locks up at intel screen or reboots


      hi, we've an intel desktop board DH61BE with 2 sata drive and a cd rom internal.


      we just did the flash bios updater to 0099, and when the machine reboots it freezes up at the intel blue/grey logo screen with the f2,f7,f10 options.

      when i tried to reset bios option, it reboots to intel logo and then reboots over an over...


      say no aspi disks found? im not sure if this is referring to my 2 sata drives or not, but the bios 'sees' the 2 drives, its just not booting the os on it... it was working previous to the bios update...


      i understand i cant even roll back to 0044 can i?

      ideas? please help?