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    Intel SSD 335 240GB freezing up with Event [no response]


      Recently purchased the SSD 335, to be exact, the drive is aprox. two months old and I've been having random system hang up moments since week one.


      After lock up, the following message is recorded(Event Viewer):

      The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period.

      I have a strong feeling that this is somehow related to the power management of the drive, since everytime that the drive hanged itself there wasn't any particular load being done(Windows Power Management is set to High performance and all drive related options have been disabled including hibernation).

      Furthermore I believe that it is the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver causing this issue by performing some sort of power management.

      Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver version

      (This is the last-latest version recommended for my Motherboard Sabertooth Z77)

      I have not detected any significant speed issues or other errors,

      I do use the Intel SSD toolbox once per week to perform a Quick Diagnostic Scan followed by the Optimizer as advised by the ToolBox.


      Any help would be appreciated.