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    4000 HD Graphics HD Audio


      I recently purchased an ASROCK HT Vision media player with Windows 8 as an OS. I am attempting to get the HDMI sound to work with my Pioneer VSX917. I have never had an issue with past media players. The pioneer requires both the optical and HDMI to be connected (prior to going to the television) in order to utilize the HDMI audio signal. Also, the cables are new and have been tested on other units so the problem is not with the cables.

      In Windows the HDMI shows the Phillips TV as the audio end point and there is no sound at the Pioneer receiver via HDMI. Video is fine and audio is being passed through to Phillips TV through the Pioneer but picked up there. Sure the optical is working but will not support higher level audio and bit streaming. When testing the audio output higher level audio formats (TruHD, Dolby II, Etc.) fail as supported. So I am not truly clear is this is an Intel audio or Windows audio issue. Using XBMC's WASAPI audio engine fails to pass audio through the HDMI as well, although the optical is passing audio via this method. 24/96K audio files are converted to weird sounding PCM and are not listenable.

      I have attempted several driver updates from both Realtek and Intel and am using the latest versions of both, but with no luck. The primary use of this entire system is listening to music and the difference in sound quality is stark (at least to me) having used it in prior media players with the same configuration (Both Windows 7 and a Linux OS). This has been very disappointing and at this point really frustrating. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would be extremely grateful.