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    SR-IOV on 82599EB 10G-Cards: Packets not filtered by MAC Address


      Hi everybody,


      we are trying to set up FPP using Intel's 82599EB 10-Gbit/s Cards.

      Furthermore we are using the ixgbe driver version 3.14.5.


      I am loading the driver using

      modprobe ixgbe max_vfs=4,4,4,4


      and bringing up the wanted virtual interfaces using

      ifconfig <interface> <ip>/<suffix> up


      But when sending packets to the interfaces from another machine, setting the destination MAC addresses of the packets alternating to the respective MAC adresses of the different virtual interfaces, all packets will nonetheless be captured by only one of those interfaces.

      I checked with tcpdump on this interface, whether the received packets are actually carrying the different destination MAC addresses of my virtual interfaces on the targeted machine. And indeed they do.

      Why now doesn't each virtual adapter receive exactly those packets carrying their respective MAC addresses as destination MAC address, but all are being captured by the very same virtual adapter, regardless of their MAC address?


      Thank you in advance for your hints and best regards,