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    Problems with SSD 335,  240 Go (BSOD, ...)


      On a PC with Windows 7 Home Premium French 64 bits, Motherboard MSI P55A-GD65, HD 1To connected to a SATA 3 Gb/s port of the MB, I have installed an Intel SSD 335, 240 Go, ISN : CVKI248600PT240GN, Manufacture date 8 Dec 2012.

      This SSD is connected to a SATA 6 Gb/s port of the MB (with driver Marwell V dated 24 Nov 10).


      I have transfered the OS system on the SSD, and Windows 7 works well, but with the new following problems :


      1) BSOD on exit of sleep


      On exit of "normale veille" (sleep), the screen shows the desk, then all the icons and task bar disappear, and I have a BSOD error code 0x000000F4.

      On exit of "veille prolongée" (long/deep sleep, hibernate), there is no problem.



      2) Use of Intel SSD Toolbox


      - Toolbox says : version of microprogramms is 335s (the last version is 335t), but the "Update of microprogramms" box has no yellow ! to show this. Is the 335t version not useful for my configuration ?


      - When I clic on the "Update of microprogramms" box, I have the message "Erreur : Communication impossible avec le disque. Allez à l'écran principal et cliquez sur Actualiser". When I clic on the "Actualiser" box (refresh), no change. And the "Update" box is grayed.


      - When I clic on the "Diag sweep fast or complete" box, I have the message "L'Intel SSD Toolbox ne peut pas communiquer avec l'Intel SSD sélectionné. Envisagez de passer sur un autre pilote de stockage compatible avec votre système et réessayez l'outil" (Toolbox cannot communicate with the SSD. Think to use an other stockage driver compatible with your system and use Toolbox again). But I can execute the 2 tests, that are OK.


      - How can I be sure that Windows 7 really makes the Trim , The "Last execution : never executed" info, seen under the "SSD Optimizer" box, is only relevant for Toolbox optimizer, or also takes into account the trims done by Windows 7 ?



      Thank you to help me to solve these problems.