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      I have a dell desktop with the Intel ICH8R/ICH9R/DO/PCH Sata raid controller built into the motherboard with a mirroring raid setup.  Have been having problems with the drives causing errors so I replaced the drives.  Now from time to time I get BSOD with Non paged write problems or other inablitity to write to the disk problems.  Both drives are now new so thought maybe the controller.  Had been running with version of ROM, Driver and Intel Matrix Storage manager.  Found an upgrade to for my XP system.  Now everything is running on 8.9 except the ROM Version which is still at 6.0.0.


      Question I have:

      How to upgrade the ROM?

      What version should I use for XP?

      Is there a new controller that I can purchase separate from the motherboard that will work with this configuration by just dropping a new controller in or do I need to reinstall the OS?