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    Language issues on Graphic Accelerator for Mobile 945 Express


      Hi, hope someone can help? I have an HP laptop with Intel 945 Graphics Accelerator, which I bought in Thailand (as I now live there), Windows XP Pro and all drivers etc were installed when I got it. I had no problem changing the XP and all other drivers to English, but cannot get the Graphic Accelerator control panel in English it still comes up in Thai. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling forceing an English Setup with the command line setup.exe -l 0009, But that only allows me to see the setup instructions in english. All languages DLL's have been installed in the windows\systems32\lang directory but I cannot find a way to change the language in the Accelerator Control panel. Have scanned registry, ini files and everything I can think of but to no avail. There's probably a very simple answer, but I sure can't find it anywhere at the moment. So if anyone has any ideas I would be truly grateful.