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    DZ77-SL50K sata cage compatibility



      we replaced all our old PCs with new ones with DZ77-SL50K mainboards. One of them is for adminstrative tasks and so I equipped it with a sata hot swap cage (Icy Dock MB974SP-B). But sadly most of the time the hdds in it aren't detected by the mainboard for booting. Once they are detected the PC runs for hours without any troubles. So I ran some tests:

      - updated the bios to 0096

      - took one of the other boards

      - 2 different hdds: WD & Hitachi

      - increasing the "Hard Disk Pre-Delay" in the BIOS to 20 seconds

      The only things that helped:

      - pcie sata controller (adaptec 1430sa)

      - connecting the hdds directly


      So I would be thankful for any hints what might help.