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    Single Root I/O


      Hi Guys,


      I have recently acquired an R2000IP Family server system with an S2600IP board. I am going to run Windows Hyper V server 2012 on this as a host. I set the Bios and enabled VT and VT-d. It installed Hyper V server and all is good. I then started reading about Single Root I/O and I thought this would be a nice tech to enable as well. The documents I could find on the net says that this etting should be enabled in the bios. For the life of me I cant find this setting anywhere. The Bios is up to date and everything. Is there something I am missing?


      I see when creating the Vswitch in Hyper V host, that the option is there. Also once the VM has been created the option is there to enable as well under Hardware acceleration of the network adapter.


      Any pointers?