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    I put a intel pentium 4 on a intel celeron socket


      first, i take a intel pentium 4 (intel destop board D845EPI) and i put in a intel celeron (compaq presario 4420la). both procesors are of 478pin,  teh pentium 4 is 2.23ghz  and the celeron is 1.7ghz, the cache for both are l1/l2  20/512kb.

      the thing is this, the p4 works fine on the mother board, but wath i want to know is if there is a software or a page where i can update the bios, because the bios is like asking me for it,  the os works fine, i am actually writing this from this computer that have the p4.

      i am asking here because i havent'n find anything in the hp website, i dont find the compatibility for the socket of the celeron, i dont even know what kind of version or type of procesor, all i know is that is a celeron with 1.7ghz.

      so thats what i want to know, if there is a software that can patch my bios for suport better the p4 or if there is no problem having the p4 in the place of the celeron.

      everything you can give is wellcome, and forgive my english, i am spanish.