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    HD4000 latest driver problem


      Good evening


      I have an Intel 3570k and im using HD4000 as primary graphic card in combination with an Asus 7850 CUII (virtu MVP).I installed the latest driver and looks like it doesnt support all resolutions of my monitor an LG DM2752 (Passive 3D monitor).Also when i try switch from Colour-->Advanced to YCbCR its keeps switching to off everytime i play a movie.I made a profile but its keeps switching back to Current Settings.My OS is Windows 8 Pro x64.Any ideas?


      Thank you.

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          Hi Akisj,


          Did you have this issue on a previous driver, or not? Also, can you provide a copy of your Intel® Graphics Driver Report (Ctrl + Alt + F12 -> Options & Support -> Information Center -> Save) as well as your DxDiag? (Start -> Run -> dxdiag -> Save All Information).  Just attach them to this thread and I'll take a look at them!




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            Thank you for your answer sir.Im using Intel HD4000 as primary card in combination with an Asus 7850CUII(Lucid MVP).Also monitor doesnt recognized as 3D.Yes i had this problem with previous driver too.


            [System Info & Diag Reports Attached]

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              This is my monitor EDID is it helps:


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                Thanks for that info Akisj.  The driver you have installed is not our latest.  I would recommend you try downloading this one and seeing if it resolves your issue; Download Center


                Let me know how it goes!


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                  Well i uninstall the driver-reboot-used driver fusion to delete any old entries-reboot and then i installed the one from your link-reboot again.

                  Didnt change anything.

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                    Is your display connected through the Asus* graphics card, or the on-board graphics?  I know you said you were using the HD 4000 as your primary earlier, just confirming.


                    Have you updated the drivers on you add-on graphics card as well?




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                      Yep hdmi is connected to HD4000(primary graphic card).Also using the latest driver for my Asus graphic card (Catalyst 13.4)

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                        So the Asus*/Radeon* card is not showing up in the dxdiag report.. Normally if you're running two cards simultaneously it will display both in there.  Does the add-on card have power and is it active?




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                          Yes my Asus have power and its active i switched my cable reboot and its working also tried couple benchmarks with lucid on and everything works great.

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                            So you're saying if you are running off of the add-on card, you aren't having any issues, but running off of the Intel® graphics, you are still having issues - is that correct?

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                              Im using Lucid MPV.As i said above HD4000 is my primary card my HDMI is connected to it.My second card an Asus 7850 is used when lucid activates it.

                              1)Looks like my monitor doesnt support Full-RGB cause in dark scenes the screen goes completely black.To solve this i need to go from Intel control panel Display-->Colour-->Advanced-->YCbCr ON but no matter what i do it doesnt save the option and after a while YCbCr goes OFF again.I tried to make a profile but didnt work.

                              2)I do not get these resolutions wich i use mostly for games in window mode:



                              Now if i put my HDMI cable to my Asus and reboot i can see these resolutions but i cant when my HDMI is connected on HD4000.

                              3)My monitor is not recognized as 3D its shows it in Intel control panel as Digital-TV.

                              Now lucid is not configured to activate Asus when im watching videos or movies so i dont know how it can interfere with HD4000.So far i tried the drivers you putted on that link and im using the latest for Asus (Catalyst 13.4).

                              Didnt work.

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                                Thank you again for all the info Akisj.  I've brought this issue up with our engineering folks, and this is what we have so far.


                                Issue 1 (losing YCbCr persistence) is expected behavior right now.  I'll let you know when I have more information on this, but we have brought it up to engineering to see if they can change it.


                                Issue 2 (losing display when connecting with HDMI) is the black screen issue.  We've been working on it for a while now, but have so far been unable to reproduce the problem in-house.  We are collecting information from users on the problem though (((this thread; Re: Official Black-screen thread - We need your help!




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                                  Ty for the answers Nic.

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                                    I have intel HD 2000 driver version running Windows 7 x64 had I am having the same issue with the YCbCr option - I have to reset that option every time I turn on the computer or wake up the system.


                                    I notice that this issue has been discussed in this forum as far back as Oct 2012.  Exactly how long is it going to take Intel to fix this?  I don't write code but I would have thought 3 yrs time would have been sufficient especially since there's a lot of complaining.


                                    Any suggestions (other than GEforce)?



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