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    Intel 7505 board stops booting on drive list!




      I am in a great need to fix a problem with my old workstation.


      I have an intel 7505 board in it with two xeons, this board has a silicon graphics serial ata controller that supports 2 drives.


      I haven't used this workstation in some time but now I need it to work for a friend. This is what happens:


      The bios comes up and takes some time to move forward from the first screen like it always does and then it displays the usual list of installed harddrives.

      The only problem is that for some reason it stops on that screen.


      The only drive, via a hotswap, that is connected is a new samsung drive.


      If I unplug the drive the system properly boots from a windows CD into the windows installation and if I plug the drive in the middle of the installation loading the basic stuff into memory, I can properly select the drive from the list and create an NTFS partition.


      The drive even properly lists on that bios drive list.


      There is a phoenix bios on that board.


      If the drive list could be simply disabled or worked around it would be enough

      I can't really work properly on the problem since the workstation is already at my friends place and he does not have any other machine near.


      The new hardrive is a samsung, model: HD103UJ


      Any and all help would be greatly apprecieated.


      Thank You,