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    Wireless 3945ABG: Cannot spoof MAC


      Hello people


      Yesterday I installed the latest drivers ( for the Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection in a laptop.
      After the installation I noticed that I am unable to spoof the MAC address.
      I tried installing the Intel PROSet Wireless software suite, but it didn't help.


      I am running Windows XP, SP3.
      I never had any problems using the old drivers, so I'm sure the new drivers are the cause of my problem.
      I tried changing the MAC address in the registry and by using programs like MACmakeup, but when I use IPconfig/all, I always see my original MAC address.


      My company is using a complicated network environment where it is necessary for me to use a different MAC address on the same machine.


      Can you please help me?


      Thank you very much in advance!


      Kind regards,


      The Netherlands

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            I just realised today that I can't change my MAC address in Windows either. I can change in Linux but as soon as I booted into Windows it reverts back to a particular address, which I wasn't happy about.


            The driver version was from Sept 25 2008.


            I reverted to the driver recommended for my (HP) laptop and I can now change MAC address in Windows using the command-line 'Macshift' program. There's still no option under the 'Configure > Advanced' section of the adapater properties (it seems like Intel really don't want you changing the MAC address?).


            Anyway, the info you might need, the 'uncrippled' driver version I'm using is from Jul 2 2006.


            Perhaps going to your laptop vendor's support page might direct you to the best driver version.