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    server won't  start


      Ok so I finished building my server last night and every thing was looking good until I tryed to turn it on I plug a power cord in (being that its an American psu rated for international use but saying its needs 16gage wiring which as far as I can tell dose not exist in Australia) turned the power on, a green light came on on the motherboard so I was like ok... Hit the button and nothing no response and when I put my head near the psu I can hear a what I can only describe as an electronic gargling noise coming from it when ever it has power.

      So my question is what do you think is wrong is it that the psu's ether dead or just can run on Australian cable or is maybe there a fault with the cable connecting the on switch to the board (the cable hose into the allocated pin slot but it might possible be 2-4 pins short) or both?


      my specs are Intel SC5600BASE Server Chassis 5U Rack, 670W with a my cores are 2x Xeon E5645 and 6x 8gb kinston ecc and a corsair neutron 256 gb ssd.r