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    ss4000e lost configuration. How to recover raid5?

    pawel r



      I have had problems with my ss400-e storage earlier - it has been loosing configuration, but I have ignored that.


      Few days ago I  have configured raid 5 on three disks located at: first, second and 4th slot.


      I have problem now, because I see initialization screen after restart. I need data stored on the disks. Really need, and I don't know what should I do in this situation.


      What is the order of the disks? How should I start recovering? I have thought about unplugging the disk and connecting in the normal PC creating 1:1 disk images by any tool an operate on the images. Is it possible?


      May be is it any possibility to recover raid configuration in the nas?


      Where is stored all configuration?


      I have started my raid with three disks due to fail one of them. It is possible, that other disks have had fault also.