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    KVM log-in and log-off leads to system lags?

    Lennart Ripke

      Hello everyone,


      this is a more in depth question regarding vPro KVM features:

      I would like to utilize vPro to establish a KVM connection to a remote PC based on a QM67 chipset running Windows PosReady 2009. So far so good.


      The computer to connect to is part of an inspection machine. Around every 80ms a task is started to evaluate data, the result is then passed via IO to the machine.

      If I have the machine running and log-in to the computer using vPro KVM features this system cannot evaluate ~5 of the inspection tasks. This does also happen if I log-off again and close KVM connection. Once started there are no problems. The impact lessens when I use a lower resolution (e.g. less colors).


      Is there a setting to avoid log-in to KVM and have this connection "always on"?


      Looking forward to your  suggestion!




      Intel ME Bios Extension v8.0.0.0063 / Intel ME v