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    Wrong temp readout from E8500 - shows >100°C


      Hi all,


      I have a serious problem with my Core 2 E8500 processor.

      The temperature readout is completely screwed; it shows 100°C right in the BIOS making me think it is a real hardware problem.

      In Windows the same issue occurs, Everest, CPU-Z, Core Temp, RealTemp, all indicate that the sensors are dead (or at least one cores sensor).


      This does not prevent the processor from running but it is clocked down to 2 GHz (by reducing the multiplier) and makes the CPU fan spin at maximum speed all the time (which is a bit loud for a HTPC).


      Can someone tell me if this is an RMA-reason or is there a way to stop/reset the CPU temperature readout ?




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          Hi there,


          Actually if your system is reporting high temperature, you will need to check for motherboard manufacturer.

          It can be due to any of these:
          a) bad integration
          b) PSU not ATXv2.2
          c) Chassis is not TAC (Thermally Advantage Chassis)
          d) BIOS Issues.

          Make sure that you are reading the temperature from the BIOS itself.

          Steps to try:
          Re-integrate the cpu with new clean thermal paste.
          Update the BIOS of the board.

          If not, fixed, try the system out of the chassis as a test.
          Make sure that you have a good PSU as well.

          Check with board manufacturer if there is any fix from their side.


          Note: the cpu can go up to 72.4C (you can add 5 more degrees to it)

          Website: http://ark.intel.com/product.aspx?id=33911&code=Intel%c2%ae+Core%e2%84%a22+Duo+Processor+E8500+(6M+Cache%2c+3.16+GHz%2c+1333+MHz+FSB)


          Kind Regards,

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            Hi Aryan,


            Thanks for your reply. Yes the temperature reads have been made in the BIOS. Also one of the programs cited above (can't remember which one) seems to show the temperature sensor to be "stuck". No variation evn under load.


            I did not want to get too much into the details in the first message but I have already tried the following:


            - CPU installed on 3 different motherboards (Asus Rampage Extreme, Asrock, Zotac 9300 Wifi itx). -> same issue

            - Tried different coolers : Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme, Stock Cooler. -> same issue

            - Tried different thermal pastes : Arctic Silver, Arctic Cooling, Stock pad. -> same issue

            - My PSU is a BeQuiet! 1000W power supply which handles this easily (and is used flawlessly on my current i7 920 set-up). -> same issue

            - Tested the CPU outside of the PC chassis (with Asus and Asrock board). -> same issue


            And I would like to add that I have built until now several systems, AMD, Intel S775 and  a Core i7 running fine without ever having problems.


            The CPU cooler base near the CPU is almost cool so no chance that the CPU is at 100°C.

            So I am 99% sure it is the CPU. What I want to know is if there is a chance for Intel to acccept an exchange under warranty of the CPU as it is not completely dead but very much downclocked and not conveniently useable anymore because of the sound level of the CPU fan ?



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              I'm having almost the exact same problem only mine is always saying about 60c. I haven't tried as many motherboards as kryer but I have updated my BIOS, re-applied and reseated the heatsink several times and even turned the fan off just to see if it would make it get hotter and it didn't. Also there are other people on the internet with this exact same issue. I think this processor needs to be recalled or something because one guy was even saying it was indicating 120c at start up and he couldn't even install windows (the processor was cool to touch).


              It's not fair that we have to constantly throw money at this processor to get it cool when the problem is the processor itself.

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                Hi there,


                As I said to be honest, I have been using this cpu on a DP45SG without any problem, I am going to post the results, may be by next week. I will put the CPU under stress and see if it makes any difference.


                Let me know if there is anything else that I can do, note these are personal testing