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    Is this normal ?



      My Quad 8200 speed is detected like on the picture. Is that normal? I'm using Win Vista Ultimate 32bit version.

      My processor detail sSpec Number : SLB5M Box Order Code : BX80580Q8200 PCG : 05A Core Stepping : M1

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          Load defaults in the BIOS and measure again. Also see if you have enabled EIST/Speed step or whatever and disable it. Post again with results.

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            Thanx for your help. That PID result was with Thermal Monitor DISABLED.

            This is PID result with TM2, EIST and Enhanced Halt (C1E) ENABLED



            I just bought this processor and I'm getting problem with the multiplier setting on BIOS. Everytime I set 7x on BIOS it will reset to 6x when rebooting. It only can be set to 7x when CPU TM2 DISABLED but it make the processor like first PID screenshoot.

            I'm using Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G F5b BIOS.


            Thanx in advance....