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    Why would DH67GD hang at POST Code BA after adding more memory?


      I have an Intel MOB DH67GD with an Intel i5-2500K processor.  I originally had 8GB of memory, (Kingston KHX1600C903K2/8GX), installed and was running Windows 8 with no problems.  I decided to increase the memory by an additional 16GB, (Kingston KHX1600C10D3B1K2/16G).  The 8GB sticks were in DIMMs 1 and 2 and the 4GB sticks were in DIMMs 3 and 4 per the Intel's recommendation for dual channel operation.  The board booted into the BIOS and stopped at POST Code BA.  I could not get ti to move any further with any of the function buttons.  I then switched the jumper to maintenance mode and the same thing happened.  Removing the two 4GB sticks allows the BIOS to complete showing a POST Code of EB.  The board runs fine with just the two 8GB sticks.  When it hangs at POST Code BA, the LED Shows one steady green light, with no beep codes, the same as a normal completion. My BIOS revision is BLH6710H.86A.156.   My board revision is not high enough to go to the BIOS for third generation CPU's. Any help would be appreciated.


      I went back and really studied the pictures on Intel's page for Desktop Boards and multichannel memory and finally discovered that although they don't say it in words, the smaller capacity sticks need to be in the first DIMMs.  I did that and all works well now.  I guess my inexperience shows. Message was edited by: Franklin Siegrist