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    mSata acceleration on Dell XPS-8500


      I recently bought a Dell XPS-8500.  There were some issues with the computer, and support sequentially replaced the video card, then the motherboard and Hard Drive simultaneously.  After the last replacement, and re-installation of windows 8, I noticed that Protected mode was not enabled on the BIOS, and the mSata acceleration was not accessible in the Oprom.  Sadly, I spent several hours on the telephone with Dell India, and at three levels of support they had absolutely no idea on how to regain control of the settings.  They told me several times that this was new technology, and obviously they had not received any training.  It is really sad that a system manufacturer floods the market with technology that it cannot support.  Aside from the foregoing, I would be grateful for any indication on what steps to follow to get into protected mode and set the Oprom to to have the mSata drive to act as accelerator.  Thanks