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    Dual display problem on DH61DL

    Greg Bryant

      I'm putting together a system for a kiosk which will have two displays, a hardened Happ, and an ELO touchscreen.  I had both of these plugged in and working at one point, but had pulled the ELO back to use on a development system.  Now when I fire up the DH61DL, I can not get dual display working at all.  With the two screens mentioned, it just does not recognize the second screen plugged in to the DVI (via a DVI/VGA adapter, which is what I had been using previously, too).  It doesn't matter which screen is in the VGA, the other one won't be recognized as even being plugged in.  I tried switching to a standard HP monitor which supports DVI directly, and when I plug that in, it turns off the VGA and switches completely to the DVI (as in the Happ now tells me there is no signal).  The Intel Graphics config utility only shows me "single monitor" as an option in any of the various configs I've tried.  I've tried switching the BIOS from auto detecting everything to forcing the VGA to be primary and the DVI to be secondary, but there was no change in behavior.  I've never had trouble getting dual displays to work on anything else, and have no idea what else to try.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  This is running Win7, 2x4GB  DDR3 1333, I3-2120, 128GB SSD, no optical, and, other than my attempts on the video config, it's standard BIOS settings.




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          Hello Greg,


          Please let us know what BIOS version is loaded on the system and also follow the next recommendations:


          - Test the system out of the chassis over a non static surface to avoid any possible grounding that could be affecting the board

          - Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers from our website

          - Test the VGA connector individually to narrow the issue properly.

          - Try with a different monitor if possible.

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            Greg Bryant



            Thanks for the response.


            The BIOS is BEH6110H.86A.0038.2012.0110.1653


            I have three monitors, two with VGA only (those are the two that will be in the finished kiosk), and a third for development that has both VGA and DVI.  I will be hunting down a different DVI/VGA adapter today (I only have one of those) to rule out that component, but in the meantime, I still have the problem of having either of the first two monitors in the main (VGA) port, and having the system turn that port off and switch to the DVI port when I plug in a DVI monitor.


            According to your driver update utility, I have the current video drivers installed.


            I can also grab another monitor or two if necessary, but these are monitors that I use on other systems regularly.

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              Greg Bryant



              Hmm, 2nd attempt at a reply.  The first one disappeared when I clicked on "add reply".  Anyway, thanks for the response.


              The BIOS is BEH6110H.86A.0038.2012.0110.1653.


              According to the driver update utility on this site, the video drivers are current.


              I use have three monitors handy, though I can grab more if needed.  Two are VGA only, those are the two that will end up on the unit.  The third is a HP 19x12 with VGA and DVI.  I only have one DVI/VGA adaptor right now, so I'll hunt down more today to rule that out, but that doesn't explain the behavior of having either of the VGA only monitors plugged in to the VGA port, and having the system turn that off and switch the single display to the DVI port when I plug in the DVI monitor.

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                Hello Greg,


                Your affirmation is correct; there is no specific reason for that behavior. As a general policy we do not recommend using adapters or converters since we cannot assure compatibility with this kind of devices but at this point please make sure you have the latest Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility and proceed to update your motherboard BIOS to version 0099 and then version 0113 which is the latest one.


                Latest Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility:


                Download Center


                BIOS version 0099:


                Download Center


                BIOS version 0113:


                Download Center


                Instructions for BIOS updates methods can be found here:


                Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions