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    Help needed with BIOS update for old Intel  motherboard


      Cheers everyone!

      I have an old computer with an Intel CC820 motherboard (Pentium III @500 Mhz; 512 Mb RAM) still happily but somewhat slowly running Windows XP.

      When I tried to install Linux the system stopped indicating that my BIOS (ver. P06) was too old and that I needed to update it to a post-year-2000 version.

      On the Intel support pages I found BIOS P09 but I absolutely cannot get the update software (P09-bios.exe) to work.

      I have followed the instructions but the system does not see the floppy as a bootable device. This is the sequence I followed:


      1. download P09-bios.exe file from Intel site to a dedicated directory
      2. format floppy disk as bootable
      3. execute and unpack P09-bios.exe
      4. move resulting MK_BOOTZ file to another dedicated directory and execute/unpack
      5. execute MK_BOOT to modify floppy
      6. back to initial dedicated directory
      7. execute bios a: command to copy BIOS flash programs + data to floppy

      If I boot from a: the system seems to respond correctly at first (autoexec.bat seems to run properly) but then it stops and requires that a bootable disk be introduced in a: ........................ 

      Can someone please help? Thanks in advance