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    Intel Graphics Properties Won't Open

    Mike Ruskuski

      I'm working on 2 Lenovo T430's with XP SP3.  Suddenly the Intel Graphics properties doesn't open.  If I select it from the system tray or control panel, the wizard shows up and lets me choose an option.  After picking it, the window immediately shows minimized in the system tray, 2 instances of it running.  If I right click there is no option to maximize the window.  I noticed this kills the system performance and have no choice but to end task.  I've already uninstalled the Intel HD 4000 graphics driver from device manager. Removed the Intel processor graphics software from add/remove programs.  I downloaded the latest driver from Lenovo's site and the same thing happens.  When I try to open the graphics properties the wizard shows up, I pick any option and the window immediately shows up in the task bar, 2 instances running.  I also tried using the generic driver from the Intel site with the same results.  Used CCcleaner, and did a full check disk of the system, still same issue.  Any ideas?