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    Problems with Internet Connection


      Ive just gone through and installed all of the updates manually. The counter guy neglected to tell me that I needed to buy the internal wireless module so Im using a USB TPLink that I had here at the house. After fiddling with the drivers I was able to get it to find and connect but now Im stuck with an "unidentified network" with no fixes in sight.


      Net forums have been unhelpful as it isnt letting me change the network type (home/work/public).

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          Updated the bios, and now I have a stable internet connection but there is little to know data that passes though. Currently I am trying to install Chrome and the DL installer has not shown any progress in 13 minutes. At this time my activity Sent:Recieved is 35981:228158 bytes.


          Please, someone give me some suggestions.



          UPDATE: NM, apparently it just forgot that I had this connection setup as my home connection and now is telling me that it is unidentified again... and now it just told me that it knows what it is...

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            Hi Jon,


            Some recommendations will be to do a clean installation of the Operating System, with all the latest drivers and also a BIOS update.


            Which “Next Unit of Computing” do you have?

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