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    HD Graphics 4000 drop fps


      I currently have an i5-3570k on a Z77 Gigabyte MB.

      I have the gpu frequency to the top (3200) and the CPU running at 42 clock ratio

      When I start a game its FPS are between 55-62 but suddenly as the game goes by it drops until 30-36 and won't go higher no matter what.

      I was wondering if this is a problem or is normal.

      I'm running under Wine on Linux.

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          Hi Alex,


          What game(s) are you experiencing this FPS drop with?  Your system might be overheating as well - does it crash after extended play-times?  Unfortunately, since you are running Linux*, I'm not able to provide any in depth insight to the issue as our driver is not supported on that OS.  However, I can refer you to the Intel® Linux* community website here; Community | Linux Graphics