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    DN2800MT USB Standby Power Bios 0164 and 0165 broken?



      I have  2 Boards of this Type.

      1 Board ships with Bios 0163 the USB Standby Power work.

      2nd Board comes with 0164.

      If I setup the option in bios it don`t work.

      I flashed the latest 0165 USB Standby Power don`t work.

      I cant`t downgrade the Bios of the 2nd Board it says "its not allowed".

      Can i flash the 0163 via recovery?

      Or there any hardware changes on newer Boards who can`t work with this Version?

      I used it as a Car Music Servers.

      The same Hardware in every PC.

      It runs an OpenSuse 12.3 System.