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    Help on how to use DOS-based BIOS upgrade software


      I have been fighting for a few days with a BIOS update for a "mature" INTEL CC820 motherboard.  It has BIOS P06 and I need to install P09 (or the latest available version).  After downloading the P09-bios.exe file from the INTEL site I have tried to follow the meager instructions I have found on the assumption that the program is DOS-based.


      If I understood correctly, starting from a MS Vista environment these are the steps:


      1. format a floppy disk and make it bootable
      2. download P09-bios.exe
      3. unpack to a new directory by running the .exe file ==> this results in a number of files, including "bios.exe"
      4. unpack bios.exe to another new directory ==> more files become available, including bios image files and an autoexec.bat file calling up the BIOS flash routines
      5. copy files unpacked under 4 to the bootbale floppy
      6. at this time one should have a bootable floppy that should run upon bootstrap and upgrade the BIOS


      In fact the above does not work: the system boots from the floppy but soon after it asks for a bootable media in drive a:


      There is obviously something wrong in what I do but I do not know what.  I have a number of questions:


      • The file Intel lets me download is P09-bios.exe: this includes a number of files, among which "bios.exe"
      • The instructions only mention "bios.exe" and not "P09-bios.exe" so I assume I have to work with the former (which is also a self-unpacking file)
      • P09-bios.exe contains other files and I do not know what to do with them: I could copy them to a: as well but I do not really fancy bricking the PC
      • When I copy the files extracted from "bios.exe" to a: the system warns me that the autoexec.bat file I am copying to the floppy will overwrite an existing autoexec file: is this ok?

      I am a wee bit at a loss....... I hope someone can help.


      Thanks in advance.