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    igfx stops responding


      hi my problem is whenever im watching justin.tv and try to do something else the screen goes black and then says igfx has stopped responding but restarted. i just recently got the latest drivers for the mobile series 4 chipset. here are my specs if anyone can help.


      Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Mobile Report

      Report Date:  05/16/2009
      Report Time[hr:mm:ss]: 15:35:55
      Driver Version:
      Operating System:  Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium* , Service Pack 1 (6.0.6001)
      Default Language:  English
      DirectX* Version:  10.0
      Physical Memory:  1977 MB
      Minimum Graphics Memory: 64 MB
      Maximum Graphics Memory: 797 MB
      Graphics Memory in Use: 85 MB
      Processor:  x86 family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
      Processor Speed:  2161 MHZ
      Vendor ID:  8086
      Device ID:  2A42
      Device Revision:  07

      *   Accelerator Information   *

      Accelerator in Use:  Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
      Video BIOS:  1659.0
      Current Graphics Mode: 1280 by 800 True Color (60 Hz)


      *   Devices Connected to the Graphics Accelerator   *

      Active Notebook Displays: 1

      *   Notebook   *

      Monitor Name:  Generic PnP Monitor
      Display Type:  Digital
      Gamma Value:  2.20
      DDC2 Protocol:  Supported
      Maximum Image Size: Horizontal: Not Available
         Vertical:   Not Available
      Monitor Supported Modes:
      1280 by 800 (60 Hz)
      Display Power Management Support:
      Standby Mode: Not Supported
      Suspend Mode: Not Supported
      Active Off Mode: Not Supported