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    3570K OC past 4.3GHz


      I am trying to get 4.5 or 4.6GHz from my 3570K

      The thing I have noticed is;

      Up to 4.3GHz I need only little increments at the vcore that I need to adjust.

      I am currently running 4.3GHz @ 1.2V stable no errors.

      If I try to get a stable OC for 4.5GHz i need to juice  it with at least 1.34V.

      There is no way I can get it run with lower Vcore without errors or crashing at that speed.

      Temperatures at 4.5GHz are still in "safe" range 70-73C with prime running.

      It just seems that "hit the wall" just starts at 4.3GHz for me.

      That's a drastic vcore jump for amount of 200MHz more, isn't it?


      Should I even bother to get it to higher speeds or just run it safely at 4.3GHz, 1.2V?

      I meean it just seems I din't win the lottery with this one?


      best regards.

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          Freddy Gonzalez

          Hello Oberstleutnant,


          Please note that the operation of any Intel-manufactured product outside the published specifications for each part, such as over clocking can result in data corruption and unreliable system behavior.  It will shorten the life of your product, void the warranty of your processor, your motherboard, and possibly other devices installed in the computer.


          You are free to use your products as you wish, but there is no technical support available from Intel, or through our product support processes, to do so.



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            I am aware of that, of course.

            I was just expecting more straight answer about the voltages..since I read in Interl datasheet that the range is up to 1.52V for the particular CPU.

            i read this in this topic:

            Re: What is stock vcore?

            can you confirm that the safe operation range is in that range?