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    Can't get core dumps from programs crashed


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      I'm trying to track what cause a segmentation fault in my SCC program. Since I

      don't have gdb installed in the cores, I try to make cores to write a core dump

      file I can then inspect with gdb.

      However I set "ulimit -c unlimited" and I read with "ulimit -a" the line "-c:

      core file size (blocks) unlimited" showing core dumps should be

      generated. But I can't find any dump after my program segfaults.


      How can I get core dumps actived on linux running on scc cores?

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          please check two things:


          1. Has the kernel been configured with ELF_CORE=y? If not, it won't generate core dumps.
          2. What is reported by "cat /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern"? That pseudo-file specifies the name pattern where a core dump is saved, if it is generated. If using a relative path (like the default "core"), please make sure you look into the correct directory (= current directory at time of crash), and it is writable.




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            I use RCCE's default kernel I boot using "sccBoot -l". I don't know if the ELF_CORE option is enabled (=y) or not. Do you know where are the source for this kernel? Regarding your second point, the file /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern is "core", and the current directory is writable at the time of crash, and I can't find the file.