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    Ivy bridge + 23.976 fps issues (micro stutter and jittering)

    yannick wellens



      My specs are as follows:

      Intel core I5 3470

      Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3P


      From what I've gathered my issues are due to intel, or in this case the HD2500, not supporting 23.976 fps playback (which I find baffling), my issues mainly consist of micro stutter and jittered playback (which is INCREDIBLY annoying once you notice it and you do notice it).


      So concerning this issue, I have 2 questions:


      1. Will intel ever fix this? Because I find it rather embarrassing that they can make the best processors in the world, but can not fix this issue to save their arse (they have been promising this a while now...)

      2. If not, will this help me out:

      SAPPHIRE HD6570 (11191-02-20G)


      I need to be sure that option 2 will work, because this HTPC already has cost me blood, sweat and tears (had a lot of set backs, not all intel related).


      Thanks in advance!

      Best regards