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    Intel B75 / i3 3220 no HDMI output to TV unless a second VGA monitor is connected?



      I am using Intel HD2500 integrated video with HDMI on my HTPC, and it works great for all purposes, except that I need to literally fight it to get it to output video/audio through HDMI (integrated video), core i3.

      When turning it on, I see the BIOS logo briefly but briefly after the TV shows "no signal".

      I thought that it was a resolution mismatch, and tried I remote into the computer using TeamViewer, it does not detect any monitor, so I cannot set any resolution for the TV using Intel graphic properties (the Displays dropdown is empty).

      Tried all the TV sets in my house (720p, 1080p) and even connecting through an HDMI receiver, I get the same behavior in all cases.

      Tried upgrading the intel drivers, no change.

      Tried upgrading the BIOS, but I was already at the most recent version.

      The ONLY thing that works is, also connecting a VGA monitor (then video out it is detected, I can change resolution), then shutdown. After restarting, it sees the TV OK, can adjust resolution, all TVs work perfectly through HDMI, even with the Yamaha receiver. What is more weird, I can now unplug the VGA monitor, turn off, restart, whatever, and the TV will work alone just fine... but just for a couple of days, at some point the computer will "disable" again the HDMI output (for lack of better word), and I need to do the VGA shuffle again to "re-enable" it.

      The computer somehow seems to wait for me to return the VGA monitor to its usual location (I was keeping it unplugged on the side in case the situation repeated) and THEN it begins to act-up again.

      I am getting tired of it... feedback is welcome.