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    How do i set the default profile in the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel


      I am using Windows XP on a Lenovo (Laptopo) Thinkpad T420S with an Intel HD Graphics 3000 Video card which is being managed by the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. I have the Laptop on a doocking station. The station is a Thinkpad Mini Dock Series 3 Type 4337.


      My issue is that when i am setting up multi display for an end user i make it so that her main screen is the monitor and her secondary screen is the laptop. When i undock the laptop the screen goes back to the primary display like it is suppose to. However if i remount the system to the docking station while the power is on (even in sleep mode) it will keep the laptop as the primary display. And the graphics control panel will be set to the "Current Settings" profile.


      And if i set the profile to the name of my user in the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel to the profile that is selected then i hit save, apply and then close out of the program it is set as i wish it to be. But if i undock the machine then shutdown and then redock and start it back up again it appears to default back to the "Current Settings".


      I am wondering if there is a way (registry, batchfile, system32 manupulation) to set the profile i made for the end user to its default profile?