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    Problem with DP55WB and a video card.

    João Carlos Kolling Neto

      Hello everyone,


      I recently bought a Gigabyte HD 7850, as an update for my old GTS250, which always have worked fine.


      With the new board correctly installed, when I turn on the PC, it freezes in the BIOS splash screen, and stays there forever.


      At first, I thought it could be a problem with the video card. A friend tested in two other PCs and it worked. So I thought it could be a power supply issue, so I bought a Coursair 650W, but the same error persists.


      So I tried to update the Bios firmware to the latest available. With my old video card plugged, I downloaded the firmware update windows app. and ran it. It required a reboot, but when it tried to reboot, I got the two beeps and no successful boot. So, I put the jumper in the config position, entered the bios setup, rebooted, and it worked again with my old card, but keep getting the same error with the new one.


      Now I just ran out of options. What should I do?


      My PC specs:

      - Motherboard DP55WB (bought in 2010);

      - Processor I5 750;

      - Windows 7 x64;

      - 2x8Gb ram coursair;

      - Coursair 650W Modular;

      - HD500gb samsung/SSD250gb samsung;

      - GTS250 1Gb (working) / HD7850 2Gb (not working);