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    335 240GB as ODD replacement caused idle core temperature to rise from 30C to 50C


      I have replaced the odd with a 240GB 335 series ssd on a Sony Vaio VPCZ13. If the ssd is removed, the core temperature average is shown as 30C  by the SpeedFan 4.49 s/w while the cpu is idle. When the ssd is plugged in this value rises to 50C. It may also be observed from the fan output as soon as the machine starts -before the windows loaded-. The computer uses i7 m 640 cpu, HM57 chipset. The ssd bay connected next to the internal 4*64 GB Samsung ssd managed by raid-0 configuration. (The ssd is not included to raid-0) Windows sees the only storage controller as "Intel(R) ICH8M-E/ICH9M-E/5 Series SATA RAID Controller". I have updated the firmware via Intel SSD toolbox (which says it is current)

      I have the symptoms of; shortened battery life time exactly by half, never everlasting fan (independent from the power plan) and uncomfortable feeling of shortening life time of the compenents.

      Is this temperature rise normal? Any prevention such as a firmware upgrade to come?