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    Please help Xeon e3-1245v2 temperature problem


      Good day to all.


      Is it normal for an Ivy Bridge Xeon (e3-1245v2) to have a temperature reading of 104 degrees celcius sitting idle at the uefi/bios screen in under 10 minutes? I'm concern about the temperature reading of over. What do you think I should do?


      Here are my system specs:

      Mobo: MSI h77ma-g43 (bios update version 1.9)

      HSF: Antec Kuhler 620

      ram: G.Skill DDR3-1600 32GB Quad Channel [RipjawsX]

      PSU: Corsair 430W CX-430v2

      Case: Silverstone PS07B (built in fan replaced with Scythe gentle typhoon 800rpm)


      Additional info:

      -All fans (case fans + hsf) set to run at 100% speed.

      -Set the room temp to 22 deg celcius; run an electric fan; open the case to expose the internals, removed all hard drive, removed all pcie cards but I am still getting above 100 degrees celcius reading on the uefi screen.

      -I'm running free version of ESXI 5.1 so the only temperature monitoring I have is on the uefi screen of the motherboard.

      -The system was running 24x7, I only noticed the temperature problem when last saturday the two WD Black hard disk shutdown becuase of overheating (esxi logs mentioned hard disk temp above threshold).

      -I applied a new thermal compound 'Arctic Silver 5' on the antec kuhler, before that I used the 2 arctic cleaning solutions to clean the unit. After the application of the TIM, the CPU still shoots to more than 100 degrees celcius.

      -I had my local computer shop assemble this unit 6 months ago.


      Do you think this is a processor problem? Do you think this has something to do with the 'internal thermal compound'? Is it too early to have the CPU RMA'd?