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    problems with bios uefi  DH77EB and ASUS HD7850


      after the last BIOS started working mode Secure Download Windous 8 in uefi mode. However, the video card ASUS HD 7850 continues to produce an error when loading problems with the identification of video memory. This problem can not be solved by Intel. And no way to reach them. Forum is not helping, and official support is not available to individuals. For a lack of respect for their customers. Better to buy products from other companies. AMD and ADR normally meet.

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          Ruben Ramos

          Hi Serg,


          We do apologize for the inconvenience on this, we would like to provide our contact center information Contact Support.


          Regarding the problem you have, could you please give us an exact explanation on what is going on with your computer at the time you try to use the ASUS HD 7850 video card?

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            hi. When I boot my PC with embeded video card Intel HD2500 (CPU i3-3220) I recieve message (in attached file). After that, everything works fine.Boot is normaly after it. When I boot PC with ASUS HD 7850 video card I have black screen during the boot until the screen appears Windows 8 invitation. After that, everything works fine.


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              Hello Serg,


              If the issue with the graphics card started happening after the BIOS update, you can always rollback to a previous BIOS version to correct the issue:


              Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions


              If the card has never worked properly with the board even before the BIOS update, it is very possible this is a compatibility issue with this device and the troubleshooting offered is limited. We build our products to industry standards but there is still the possibility of incompatibility.


              Our recommendation is making sure you have the latest firmware update and drivers for the card, remove/re-install drivers and if possible test with a different one so we can determine if the slot on the board is defective or not.


              Once again we apologize for any inconveniences on this matter. Thank you for your understanding.

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                Thanks for the helpful reply.

                Of course, before you go to support Intel I have tried all possible steps to solve the problem:

                - Have the latest drivers for your video card manufacturer's website;

                - Check the validity of all the device drivers of the motherboard on Intel's website using the automatic verification;

                - Check out the other slot is not possible, because the motherboard has only one slot PCI-express 16;

                - Made a request to the ASUS on this problem. They offered to replace my  motherboard production ASUS and assured that their products meet all industry standards.

                It may be useful to mention that the SATA mode is set to RAID.