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    Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge Heat Issues

    Steven Wojcio

      I have recently started having problems with the temperature of my i5. I am running BIOS right now and it is hovering around 60C (idling). After running it pretty hard the other day I was warned that the heat had gotten too high.


      I have already taken it apart and sprayed the dust off. Is there something else I should do? I have an aftermarket fan that I turned up to turbo. When it is at normal speeds the CPU just continually rises in heat. Is it possible that my aftermarket fan is mounted backwards? There were two different ways that I could have made it face.



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          Hello Steven,


          The normal temperature on an Intel processor goes from 40 to 80 degrees C.


          Here are our recommendations for this issue:




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            I would make sure you have an aqueduct amount of thermal paste on the di. You need at least a-little less then a dime in amount. Enough to cover the chip but not so much that it is oozing out of the side when you compress the cooler.  Also You want to make sure that your cooler is making contact.


            I highly recommend:

            Arctic Silver Thermal Paste, as it has a very high silver content and is the best paste on the market to use.

            Also I highly Recommend Corsairs H60 you can find it on newegg.com for a incredible price.


            Untill such time as you can figure out the exact reason why your CPU is running so hot even with a after market cooler I would run stock speeds, while I would say just keep it off until you can fix the thermal paste.


            More often then not Thermal Paste and Cooler-To-CPU connection ends up being the problems that generate the most heat.