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    Archaeo-IT: problem in upgrading the BIOS on Intel CC820 motherboard


      Could someone help me with this please?

      I have a rather "mature" PC with a CC820 MoBo, PIII, 512Mb RAM.  The system has been happily running XP but now I would like to install Linux. When trying Ubuntu, both the normal version and the alternate one with text-based installation, I got a warning concerning the BIOS (P06), which is pre-year-2000 and hence not compatible.  I tried anyway but the installation does not complete and stops at 76%. I have been looking on the Intel site and found a BIOS upgrade (P09).  I have two questions:


      1. There is definitely something wrong I am doing in the upgrade procedure since the system seems to boot from A: but then stops and asks for a boot disk in A:. I think I have followed all the instructions: format a: /s or equiv.; unzip P09-bio.exe in a directory; take bios.exe and unzip it; copy all resulting files to a: ; boot from a: .  It does not seem to work.
      2. On the web I see claims that you can upgrade the BIOS to P16 on the CC820 but the board in not on the P16 compatibility list. Any idea?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestion. Cheers.