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    Can't re-enter BIOS through F2

    Jim Carlson

      Hi. I have a new NUC (Celeron version) and I was able to access BIOS initially but after changing some settings I can no longer F2 to get back in.  One of the settings I changed was the boot order to boot from a USB drive but the NUC didn't recognize the boot drive and just referred me to a website for Intel motherboard support.  So I tried a couple times to CTR-ALT-DEL and hit F2 as it was rebooting but that doesn't do anything and now I don't even get the error message anymore referring me to motherboard support, I just get a blank screen.  So what now? 


      BTW, I'm connected to my monitor (TV) through an AV receiver but I assume neither that or the BIOS version I'm running are the reason I can no longer F2 to enter BIOS since I was able to initially with exactly the same setup.  Thanks.

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          Jim Carlson

          Trying again this morning and I'll get either the "Intel Desktop Board Inside" logo that just hangs on my screen forever and does nothing, or else I'll get a message saying that the BIOS has discovered unsuccessful POST attempts and gives me the choice Y to re-enter settings or N to boot with previous settings, only pressing Y doesn't do anything, and then pressing any other keys (F2, N, CTR-ALT-DEL) doesn't do anything either.


          So the NUC is on, the connection to the display is working fine, the keyboard was working fine.  There's got to be some magic formula to actually do to get back into BIOS. Any help here?

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            Jim Carlson

            One other question.  The troubleshooting boot issues linked to the product page recommends that for boot issues after changing BIOS settings you should clear the CMOS by removing the battery on the motherboard, however I don't see where it's possible on the NUC to remove the board entirely to get to the battery on the other side.  I see reviews online that say you can do this by removing 4 screws that hold the board in place but after doing that the board still appears to be riveted inside the case and unmoveable. So is it possible to remove the board to get at the battery or not?


            While I'm at it, how is it possible that Intel doesn't have 24/7 support?  Even online chat would be welcome at this point if it's really not possible to pick up the phone and call anyone on the weekend. In fact the only support # for N America I've even been able to locate so far is not only 9-5 M-F only, it's 916 area code (Sacramento?) and not even a toll free number.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???


            Sorry but this is frustrating.  Hopefully some nice person will chime in with some answers for me soon or this little brick is going straight back to Amazon so I can buy something else from a company that actually cares about supporting their products.

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              Below video at the 11 min mark shows the mother board being completely removed. Two screws.


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                Jim Carlson

                Thanks but I don't see a NUC in that video and I've already removed the only 2 motherboard screws I see and the board won't budge.


                BTW at this point I'll take any help I can get but just out of curiosity, does anyone who actually works for Intel monitor this forum?  Or is their support model entirely that customers have to support each other?

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                  Hello Jim,


                  I'm sorry to hear about the BIOS setup access problem you are having. Are you by chance using a wireless keyboard? I just had another customer report a similar problem with one and as soon as he plugged in a wired USB keyboard, he could access BIOS setup.


                  If not that, can you try access BIOS by setting up your system to go into Maintenance Mode? To enter Maintenance mode: 

                  1. Open up the system chassis and locate the yellow BIOS configuration jumper. . 
                  2. Move the jumper from Pins 1-2 to Pins 2-3. 
                  3. Turn on the system.  The system boots directly into the BIOS in Maintenance mode, where you can either change the boot order again, or click on the "Load Defaults" button.

                  You may wish to connect up the system directly to your display, bypassing the AV receiver while you do this; make sure all is in order and then reconnect to the receiver.


                  Let me know how it does with these steps.



                  Lois H.


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                    Jim Carlson

                    Thanks Lois.  I talked to someone at the 916 N. America support line earlier yesterday who also gave me the tip about moving the BIOS jumper to reset to the original BIOS settings and that did the trick. 


                    Not to continue to harp on this but is there really no way to reach Intel support over the weekend?  Like most people I'm typically working during the week and doing my computer hobby stuff on the weekends, so it's going to be kind of frustrating if anytime I do need support I have no choice but to just shut down and wait 2 days to get an answer that any Intel support person could probably give me in 2 minutes.

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                      Hi Jim,


                      Unfortunately, phone support for Next Unit of Computing is available only during regular business hours (Monday - Friday) in each region. Chat support may have a bit of an overlap at certain times during the weekends however.  To find that:

                      1. Go to http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport
                      2. Select a region.Select Desktop Boards as the product.
                      3. Type in a question (like 'need help with USB', or whatever the issue is) and click Submit.
                      4. On the results page, just click "No, show me the contact information".
                      5. If there is an available chat agent, you should see an option here to "Chat with an agent".

                      You can try any region to see if Chat is open.


                      And, thank you for pointing out that the Troubleshooting No Boot Issues document is misleading. I am in the process of creating a new one that will be specific to Next Unit of Computing products and not ALL boards.



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                        My bad I posted a YouTube URL which doesn't go back to the copied URL

                        If you go by wayof the backdoor via Google "https://www.google.com/search?q=Video+Intel+NUC&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-nightly"  Or Google "Video Intel NUC",  my Firefox Nightly could goof it up. You should see"Intel's Next Unit of Computing - YouTube" & "Newegg TV: Intel Next Unit of Computing "

                        Both videos show the mother board out and in the narrators hands.