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    525 60GB mSATA, unable to boot or access BIOS in DC3217IYE


      SSD25So I have an SSD 525 60GB, plugged into a DC3217IYE. The BIOS version is 40 and everything worked fine (tested XP, 7, and Windows 8). I installed a wave of Windows Updates, and the system rebooted. When the system started up again, it just "froze" on the boot screen. Attempting to restart yielded the same results. I removed the mSATA drive and the system attempted to boot to the Network. At this point I was able to restart and get into the BIOS. Reconnecting the mSATA...and back to square one...frozen on the Intel BIOS Boot up screen.


      I am guessing that somehow the drive has failed but I am open to suggestions.