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    Intel® Desktop Board DZ77SL-50K Bootorder, Offset Voltage, Rapid Storage


      i've the board with the newest Bios i actually have 3 Problems where 2 Problems are serious and the third maybe more a Feature request.


      I start with the Feature Request: I can't set any negative Offset Voltage for Turbo Boost... my old board gave 1.284 Volt in Turbo mode where it is with the DZ77SL-50K is not possible at all to lower the Turbo boost voltage it gives in all cases (in my case) everytime 1.3 Volt at least!

      (i tried with all possible Settings).also a negative Offset voltage for the Standard Vid (Dynamic) is not possible just positive Values. and using a Fixed Voltage looses the Engery Saving.......


      2 Serious Problems:


      I've a Raid0 Setup with 2x Samsung Spintpoint F3 and 1x WD RE4

      i've formatted "Roadrunner" to 2 TB and "Synergy" to the left Space and set both Bootable in the Intel Raid Bios


      On Roadrunner is Win7

      on Synergy is Linux / Grub 0.97


      if i now Change the bootorder to synergy first it doenst work it doesnt boot up my Linux but instead boot up Roadrunner!

      if i press i believe F10 for boot selection and select synergy it starts up Linux/ Synergy.



      The Second Problem:


      as said ive 3 hdds everything fine in raid 0, and additional 1 CDRW Drive LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS50


      after Windows install with the old Raid Driver everything works fine the Drive is recognized.

      If i Install the newest Intel Rapid Storage Drivers the Drive is not accessiable anymore .. it is recognized as drive and in the devicemanger but it doenst read and write any DVDs anymore.


      best regards,


      Christian Jeschke





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          Hello master2k,


          For your first inquiry, we will forward your request to the correct department for future consideration and implementation. Thank you for your feedback.


          For the hard drive issues, please proceed to change the hard disk pre-delay in Configuration>SATA drives to "2" save changes and test again.


          Check if there is any firmware update available for the optical drive you have. Test with a different drive if possible to narrow the issue properly.